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Tax and Accounting Services

Entrust Your Company Accounts and Bookkeeping to Experts

Let us protect your business finances with its high-quality Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

A&H Consultants help you keep your business functions run smoothly by taking care of your Tax & Accounting needs. We ensure you obtain optimum performance with our services for your Tax Advisory & Compliance, Bookkeeping and Outsourced Accounting, Internal Audit and Controls requirements.

A&H analyzes your tax liability, and builds a strategy to minimize how much you pay. We file the returns to keep your business compliant.

How A&H Consultants will help you?

Tax Advisory & Compliance

We take a holistic approach to offer all-around financial services to reduce in-house accounting hassles for our clients.

UAE VAT compliance ( registration, filing returns, deregistration).
Free Zone VAT compliance and reducing Costs related to VAT and Customs Duty.
Indian Tax Compliances include Income tax/GST return filing and Tax audits.
Accounting for Shares/Mutual Funds/Real Estate Investments for UAE & India.
Tax Registration Certificate.
Application for a Tax residency certificate.
Assessment for Applicability of Economic Substance Regulations, Notification and Return Filing with the Authorities.

Bookkeeping and Outsourced Accounting

Our Accounting Executives professionally account for all business/company transactions and do the number crunching, which enables the client to concentrate on business operations and make informed decisions.

We help you outsource entire data entry and accounting functions for your Payroll Accounting and processing.

All of your company’s bookkeeping tasks done for you.
Handled by a dedicated and experienced accounting team.
Founded in 2018 with a track record of success across various industries.
We use Certified in online bookkeeping tools.
Easy transition and streamlined processes.

Automate Your Bookkeeping Tasks With Our Online Bookkeeping Services, today!

Internal Audit & Controls

Auditing is a highly responsible and analytical job for auditors – to vouch for the authenticity, relevance, and quality of a client’s financial statements on the basis of appropriate evidence. In short, auditing is high-cost, time-consuming, and often involves high stakes for accountants and their clients. A&H helps you ease out the effort with our Internal Audit & Controls Services.

We specialize in setting up Internal Controls, checks and balances for businesses to avoid losses. Since this is a key area where businesses lose money, we focus on streamlining and strengthening the controls of the organization.
Standard Operating Procedures: We set the SOP for all functions of the business which ensures the controls are in place and avoids any sort of Leakages.

Migrate Accounting Software

Our team of experts assist you in migrating your accounting software to a new one. With their dedicated effort your accounting requirements are destined to be upgraded to a tech-savvy and user-friendly base.

Insights of the Shifting Industry Landscape

Today, companies have to juggle between strategic requirements and daily responsibilities. To focus better on business planning for expansion, you may consider outsourcing accounting to reclaim valuable productivity. Here are a few numbers to show why outsourcing accounting is in rage today.

30% of businesses admit that outsourcing accounting has increased their profitability.

80% of businesses that outsourced accounting can save more time.

68% of companies said applying best practices by their outsourced accounting experts simplified accounting for them.

67% of accountants now prefer cloud for accounting over installed software options available locally.

Why Should You Hire Us? 

Efficient & Relationship driven

Given our industry-wide experience, we know how to leverage accounting stats that will help you make informed decisions to grow your business.

Low Paperwork

Get out from under piles of paperwork and stop wasting time on manual tasks. Our automated solutions will deliver results and create value for your business. 

Reliable Decision Making

We empower you to make the right business decisions by offering you highly reliable financial advice and information. 

Complex Accounting Stats Got You Worried?

We’re Just a Call Away!

A&H Consultants can support you with expert accounting advice to improve your company’s financial planning and guide its future business decisions. 

Happy Clients, Our Pride

We take pride in the fact that our client base spans across industries. We serve our clients with integrity and enthusiasm,

which has earned us a matchless reputation in the industry.

Our Process

The Steps We Follow to Cater to Your Requirements

Get Things Started

We sit with you to understand your business and accounting operations. For example, we ask about your revenue generation, recurring expenses, software systems in place, short-term needs, and goals in the long run.

Collect The Details

We develop and clarify our understanding by reviewing your tax and accounting documentation. By doing so, we identify the improvement areas that can address your current needs and contribute to your long-term goals.

Customize Your Solution

At this stage, we outline specific solutions for your business and guide you through every step of our services. We relay timelines, tax filing due dates, provide templates, and checklists to organize the accounting process.

Get Things on Paper

We provide you with the engagement letter outlining service terms, quotations, and everything else we need from you. This will help all of us to stay on the same page throughout our professional association.

On-time Delivery

As we strive to offer reliable services, we promise time-bound deliverables while exceeding your expectations at every step.

Keep You Engaged

We keep you updated with the latest changes to tax issues, tax legislations, better methods of doing business, or scope of improvement as they come to our attention.

Softwares We Use

Our Services


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